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  1. Mammoth_Pepper7678 on 18. April 2023 at 12:30

    I recently sent Aragon (ANT) coins to my KuCoin account. The funds never arrived. the blockchain shows the transaction processed successfully. I opened a support ticket with KuCoin and was told I sent “a different token contract ID from what KuCoin supports”. Argon is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. My wallet holding it clearly identified it as ERC20 ANT token. I inquired how this could be several times with not clarification from KuCoin support.

    Finally i researched it myself, and learned the Aragon token underwent an upgrade to ANTv2 back in 2020. – still ERC20, but a different contract. It looks like KuCoin isn’t accepting the old ANTv1, so my coins got lost.

    Support told me I can recover them if I pay a $100 fee. I attempted to send the USDT payment but the transaction was blocked by the exchange I was sending it from – when I inquired, they said the address was flagged as a known fraud account and froze my account for a waiting period so i can’t send anything anywhere now.

    KuCoin, can you explain why another exchange has flagged your support system fee address as fraudulent? This does not build confidence in your support service.


  2. anonedgeee on 18. April 2023 at 12:30

    When I tried exporting my trading history for 2022 (, I noticed that several transactions are missing that I tracked manually earlier in the year. My support case # is 2704358. Can you please provide full 2022 year history as soon as possible?