Im a verified user in Kucoin, why am I getting this now when I try to deposit euro?

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  1. Sizododayladyyu on 9. May 2024 at 6:59

    I personally use my ID card for every KYC I’ve done so far. I use it on KuCoin and Binance. Additionally, I use it on BrillionFi, which is backed by NexeraID. Their smart wallet will allow me to seamlessly manage, transact, and integrate my digital assets with global banking.


  2. ReputationSome4251 on 9. May 2024 at 6:59

    Yeah I don’t know whats going on with kucion…but I’m not putting any funds in to get kyc then stuck funds. I use kucion the most but my confidence in them has gone. I received a message about leverage and kyc . Not interested in kyc.


  3. ReputationSome4251 on 9. May 2024 at 6:59

    I haven’t had a bad experience with kucion and don’t want to. I just want to know what this is about? If I have to kyc to use kucion now I won’t be.


  4. almalki_1122 on 9. May 2024 at 6:59

    The money was not sent to my wallet and the payment was made