I did a factory rest on my phone and lost my google authenticator. I tried disabling the 2FA from my binance account several times but I keep failing the verification process. I contacted binace on several occasions as well but they keep referring me to that same pricess which I keep failing. Is there any other way to gain access to my account?

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  1. RandyInLA on 25. February 2019 at 20:10

    When setting up any 2FA, there is a code you are supposed to print out or write down somewhere that will get you into the account if you lose the actual 2FA device. I’m guessing you didn’t keep that?


  2. bobcattom on 25. February 2019 at 20:10

    Good luck. I passed everything then they told me I have to go through the whole process again. It’s been 2 months since I could access my account. I had to reset my phone because it was acting up and didn’t have the code written down. The facial recognition is very hard to pass.


  3. TheLastKage on 25. February 2019 at 20:10

    This happened to me but they got back to me in like 3 weeks.