MY CASE WAS RESOLVED. The subreddit is filled with complains but no one updates if their case was resolved or not.

Updating for the benefit of those with account locked issues. My account got unfrozen after completing their requests for KYC after about 3months, Bitstamp doesn’t steal money or whatever rumours I keep hearing on reddit here, it just they freeze it randomly without warning and ask for extensive documentation on your funds, add on to that extremely slow customer support to get it sorted out.

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  1. Bitstamp-Lucas on 27. February 2024 at 20:43


    Sorry to hear it took long to resolve your case, we’re currently receiving an increased amount of tickets and our agents are trying to get back to everyone as soon as possible. But happy to know this was resolved. If you ever need anything, you can always reach out to me as well 🙂