Ive been looking around and ive not found anything helpful. Im not able to spot trade. Theres no option or tab for it anywhere. Ive adjusted my api settings to allow it but i cant find it i guess. Not sure what to do

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  1. zillapz1989 on 18. March 2023 at 22:51

    Check you’re set to the pro version of the app. Go to the home tab, click your profile on the top left and then check that the Binance pro toggle is enabled.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 18. March 2023 at 22:51

    Good day,

    If you’re on the Lite version, you can try switching to Pro for more functions available. Home –> click a human icon at the top left –> tap on the toggle to switch

    If you’re already on Pro, kindly try the following steps for troubleshooting:
    – Restart your device;
    – Reinstall the app and clean the app data;
    – Update your app to the latest version;
    – Go to the app settings and click “Clear cache”;
    – If you are connected to Wi-Fi, try using a mobile network (or vice-versa).
    – If none of the above works, try logging in with another device.

    If the issue still persists, please contact us via our chat support from here:
    Binance Live Chat Support http://binance.com/en/chat
    Our team will take a look at it and assist you as soon as possible – JJ