I have been using kucoin for a few years and filing my US taxes via [bitcoin.tax](https://bitcoin.tax). I noticed that when I tried to import my trade records I could only access 6 months worth. Investigating further, I found that the previous 2 years of tax filings were also missing the first 6 months of records. So now I have a month to file 2 amended returns and 2021 taxes. Naturally this is giving me a lot of anxiety. I’ve filed a ticket, but haven’t gotten a response yet. Not sure if this limit is placed on all accounts, but it seems like it’s going to create a lot of extra work for kucoin and customers if trade history isn’t fully accessible without contacting support

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  1. Jdraspberry on 9. April 2022 at 12:19

    Have you tried using the KuCoin website to look for your complete history? I’ve seen on Reddit where people say that’s where you can find it. think I even saw a moderator say that.