I traded 2k USDT to USD by Zelle in the P2P platform and I received an email saying that I received the transfer that why i finished the order.

Then I realize I didn’t receive the money in my account so I double check the email and it was fake, is anyway to recover my usdt back?

I already report the user in P2P and send screenshot to binance but I didn’t have any reply from them.

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  1. apetrou94 on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    Sounds like you’ve been rekt my dude


  2. Sufficient-Text-8806 on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    You will wait for the binance admins to text you . If you reported earlier the scammers funds can be frozen


  3. BinanceCSHelp on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    Hey there! Kindly connect with our live support via [binance.com/en/chat](https://binance.com/en/chat) as soon as possible. We will try our best to assist. In the future, we advise confirming the receipt of funds in your bank account before releasing your coins. Thank you. -HM


  4. SergioMBento on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    The same thing happened to a “friend” on binance with a payment on skrill… reported on binance and skrill and it was of no use… they advise to release the coins only when the money is in the bank account. Forget the money, it’s lost. 🙁


  5. apetrou94 on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    On another note check your internet banking balance before you release crypto ! wouldn’t rely on an email, always check with your own eyes and don’t believe anyone if they say they’ve paid you


  6. Crypto4Canadians on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    You got e-mail spoofed. Sorry but your funds are gone.


  7. TripleReward on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    Dont use p2p – it makes no sense that exchanges offer that at all.

    Dont want the security of a cex? Dont use a cex.

    But using a cex to do unsafe transactions is like an epic low-iq move.


  8. Linamaomao on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    The exchange is not going to send such information primarily


  9. This_Article_6814 on 14. April 2024 at 0:27

    Why you gus buy or sell through P2P?