I love the new Kucoin interface, especially the multi chart view, pop out menus and separation of main account and trading account. Now there’s only one thing left that’s EXTREMELY ANNOYING, and a huge TIME WASTER, and I’m sure a lot of traders would agree. We need a way to save indicator setups! Binance even saves your most recent chart layout, I guess in cookie, so it is at least view-able the next time you open a chart on the same computer.


This is the people’s exchange and you strive to be better than the rest, why not be better than Binance? Allow users to save multiple chart indicator setups under a specified name. e.g. sometimes I like to look at the EMA ribbon, so I could set up an EMA ribbon once, including my color and line thickness parameters, and save it as ‘EMA Ribbon’ and then at the click of a button it loads up. And then another time I like to look at a 50SMA, 100SMA, 200SMA, 20SMA Bollinger band and Stoch RSI, so I could save this as ‘SMAsBollStoch’.


Please implement this feature as it will save us sooooo much time. I currently have to set these up every single time I change chart, even in multi view when i focus on a different chart I lose my setup on another chart

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  1. CurrensKruptos on 18. April 2019 at 22:02

    Good day u/HodlNSk8whileW8! Thank you for your continued support on our exchange. As for your suggestion, we appreciate your time taking the extra step to document your opinion by filling out this [form](https://goo.gl/forms/8qtXFrxMyWORIY4i1). Rest assured that we are doing our best to meet all of our users’ expectations.