Hello, I’m from Europe and have been trying to withdraw from Binance for the last couple days with no success. It says “The card in this country is not supported” and ” This card is not available for the Sell Crypto function. “, but the card was obviously supported each time I had to deposit.


Edit: I saw in another thread that creating a virtual Revolut card and withdrawing to it works. Has anyone tried that before?

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  1. oktoberpaard on 22. March 2022 at 11:32

    Maybe not the answer you’re looking for, but if all else fails you can always convert it to a cryptocurrency and move it to somewhere else where you can sell and withdraw it.


  2. Annababy520 on 22. March 2022 at 11:32

    Yes, some cards don’t support cryptos or Binance app. You can sell your cryptos and withdraw to another bank card or another wallets. I use trust wallet.