On 25th November I’ve sent a large EUR SEPA transfer from Revolut to Binance. I’ve done this several times before and the amount appeared in my Binance account within 24h. This time, after 7 days, the deposit has not been credited yet.

I’ve contacted customer support but they seem rather incompetent / useless. They keep giving me general answers like wait, but they can’t tell me for how long. At one point, one of the agents told me that the deposit did not arrive and that I should provide transaction information in order to have the payment returned. How can you return it if it did not arrive? 12h later, another agent picks up and says it was a confusion and the deposit actually arrived.

I’ve also tried the appeal function which got rejected after 48h with the recommendation to contact support via live chat.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. belsaurn on 8. January 2023 at 20:14

    I has a SEPA transfer not arrive, waited for a while, nothing showed. Used the “My deposit didn’t arrive” support tools, was cleared up and in my account within a week. I did have to provide the paper work the bank gave me for the transfer.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 8. January 2023 at 20:14

    Hello there, we would like to take a closer look to your issue and inquiry. Could it be possible for you to provide us the Case ID so we can check further? Thank you in advance. ^CP