[StrongHold Wallet](https://strongholdwallet.org) has added support for the Huobi Token. You can securely and easily store your HT (along with hundreds of other coins) in your wallet.

You can look at the ethereum [screenshot](https://strongholdwallet.org/static/images/wallet/coin/ethereum/dashboard-transact.png) as the wallet is almost identical.

We hope that you will try the [Huobi Token wallet](https://strongholdwallet.org) and provide feedback (currently windows / linux support and mac coming soon). We are constantly adding new features and coin support.

**Wallet General Features**

* Ethereum support + hundreds of tokens
* Bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dash, qtum, raven, and more support
* Grin (mimble wimble) support
* Secure, encrypted, runs on your desktop

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