I assume there is a good reason for this, but why does, for example, the closing price from fetch\_ticker(symbol) on testnet for ETH/USDT says 4674 but the exact same call to the live net shows 2552? When I test BTC/USDT on both nets I get 38722.58 and 38717.0, which seems normal (enough).

I noticed this in the middle of programming when all of a sudden ETH/USDT jumped 2x from what I was getting seconds earlier. It remained this way for hours, that, when tested 8 hours later, it returned to ‘normal’ (2544.95 vs. 2561.83). Was this just a glitch? Does it happen often?




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  1. dskdskdskdsk1 on 7. April 2022 at 11:53

    afaik testnet is not real money


  2. Historical_Garbage92 on 7. April 2022 at 11:53

    I found this. It has a been a while since I last checked but I think on testnet you need to specify which price to use. Either mark price, index price or last price. They default one for testnet is different to live if I remember.