Dear cryptocurrency community, On January 29, I deposited 90usdt to the usdt wallet on Huobi but did not get credited. After that, I saw the note line is very small and very hard to see. it is required for minimum deposit is 100usdt. I deposited 20usdt more. But they still don’t get credited into my account. I sent a support ticket to ask them get credited into my account or refund to me. They answered that the deposit is less than the minimum amount. So they refused my request. This is a absurd thing that I never met with any another exchange before. They made me got mistake with the note line that was hard to see and refused to refund to me even when I deposited a larger amount of money than they required. This is a bad experience. Again, I ask Huobi for a refund to me. I will send this warning to many forums and online newspapers to help people stay away from this exchange. Here is my address, you can check: 12KNZnFs51e2oZwxiMJ3e6PTK1zuxEb88K Does anyone have the same problem like me?

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