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  1. tsurutatdk on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    That’s good to know. DePIN continues to emerge, and
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see more successful DePIN projects. I’ve been following Peaq Network for more options on their ecosystem, and Natix and Silencio have caught my attention.


  2. moneymattersyes on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    This is a great article to read for the week end, great job kucoin


  3. Sizododayladyyu on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    You didn’t mention the PEAQ Network, which is set to likely launch in Q2. It’s on course to become home to 25% of the DePIN market at launch.


  4. stormingaround10 on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    Nice reading. DePIN brings fantastic projects. I like those projects that are related to the telecom industry ( Weaver Labs, and Helium).


  5. Ok-Cryptographer7345 on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    pretty interesting articles but we’ve seen these projects in the last bullrun as well so nothing’s really changed, they’ve just adopted the DePIN narrative.
    On the other hand, Fluence is something which piques my interest, especially since they plan to tackle the traditional Cloud with their various SDKs.


  6. BlueLatenq on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    I think it high time everyone start talking about posemesh because it brings DePIN to life. Its a decentralized spatial computing protocol and it starting to gain traction.


  7. thorgod21 on 9. April 2024 at 3:32

    $PAW for #PAWSWAP and #PAWCHAIN with his L1 L2 and L3 solutions will be the surprise of the year ! Interoperability is the key and #PAWCHAIN provide the solution ! pawchain.net