For some reason the exchange doesn’t hold my transaction history, so I contacted the support team to obstain this as I need it for personal use and also to report for tax in the near future. However, my transaction history is being held because I am not providing verification. I honestly find this absurd. I provided a copy of my passport ID however this is still insufficient to the support team unless I provide a photo of me holding the verification ID with my phone number.


*Dear Customer,*

*Thank you for contacting Huobi Customer Service Support Team. This e-mail is in response to your below questions: transaction history*

*Hello, sorry to bring your inconvenience, but if you don’t provide the photo and your phone number, we can’t help you with this.*


I don’t understand why it is so difficult to provide a transaction history without verification which doesn’t impede any security concern. I don’t wish to comply with their demands nor does it state in the terms and condition that I MUST require verification in order to obtain my own transaction history.


Why are you trying to breach my privacy even further by asking for my phone number, which you clearly don’t need.

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