The telecom industry is facing a disproportionate demand and supply due to poor user experience and low accessibility of connectivity for consumers. Thus, those who develop and operate telecom networks don’t have enough clients, which can lead to prolonged development of the market and skyrocketing service prices.

But with Weaver Labs, that’s no longer the case. Their ecosystem aims to improve accessibility, enhance the user experience with a software-based platform, and unite those who build networks with those who consume them.

They’ve developed Cell-Stack, a software stack that aggregates all telecoms infrastructure and opens it up to be consumed as a service. It acts as an open marketplace of telecommunications assets, using blockchain technology to create a “network of networks” and bridge the gap in the telecoms area.

Cell-Stack offer s two types of followers } to interact with it: the supply side (those who own telecoms infrastructure) and the demand side (those who want to consume services). Blockchain technology is used to solve friction when accessing telecoms infrastructure, serving as a key governance component of the marketplace and coordinating trust among all the different players of the network.

With the rise of cloud networks and the open access model, which is more focused on users than on functionalities, now is the perfect moment to innovate the telecoms sector with cutting-edge Web 3.0. solutions.

Look at their subreddit at [r/Weaver\_Labs]( as well as their Medium page at []( to learn more about the project

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