1. I bought 600 euros of Kaspa and it reflected that amount on my funding account. When I checked my account 10 minutes later it had went down to 550 euros. The price of the coin didnt change by that much. So suddenly 50 euros just got whipped out.

2. When I wanted to activate withdrawls I had to set up the “Trading password” and “Google 2FA or phone number”. Stared completing these steps.
KuCoin sent the verification code via email to start this process but whenever I put this code it always says its incorrect which it definitely isn’t. It shows “Error 40001”

Contacted the support team, no help there. They couldnt even understand what the problem was

So here I am 50 euros down and not being able to withdraw any amount.

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  1. kucoin_moderator on 11. June 2024 at 9:03

    Do you have a related ticket number regarding the price change of KASPA on your funding account?