Curious what everyone loves and hates about Binance.

What would you want to see more of, what would you want to see improved?

I run a Web3 review site that helps users understand the good and bad of projects as well as gives projects good feedback on what to improve.

Would love to know what you all think of Binance.

Our overview page of them is here if you want to drop your thoughts.


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  1. FalconSame9180 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    The minimum withdrawal amounts for some coins are too high.


  2. [deleted] on 3. February 2024 at 12:44



  3. benderkilledfry on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    One huge advantage no is talking about, is the fact that you can swap/exchange multiple coins between several blockchains, BTC/matic/eth/bep2 NO other exchange let’s you do this and it saves so much headaches and stress. That’s why I love Binance!


  4. [deleted] on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    Its stable but have a shit suport for any issue.


  5. crypto_dood on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    there’s not much love or hate involved, but i like that i can trade easily and cheap, have different products available.

    dont like that it’s difficult to track realised profits and losses within a day or month for tax declaration.

    sometimes its difficult to get the information i need. cancelled my binanc card due to a typo and laughable process to change address.

    would like to see a scripting option for bots, to build simple bots on your own.


  6. [deleted] on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    Their API is great, they provide a ton of historical data, and the Lvl2 is pretty good. You can trade BTC and ETH pairs commission-free which is a game changer for scalping and HFT. Other pairs are still cheaper than any other exchange.

    Platform aside, Binance the company is one that I believe to be truly invested in moving the Industry forward. Binance Smart Chain is a very efficient chain with really low gas fees, and a few years ago was clutch when Ethereum was rapidly becoming unusably expensive and slow.


  7. TipTechnicali on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    It’s an easy-to-use platform that connects me with the crypto world. There is nothing that I can really complain about so far. I’d like to have more and better statistics on my prices/positions.


  8. ahsanajaxy on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    The only thing that is frustrating for me is no notifications for limit orders filling (tp/sl) , i am talking about push notifications and the slippage during executing tp/sl in futures is too high even after using last price execution


  9. neurallayer on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    As an algo-trader, I like the easy access to their historic and live market data.


  10. Zwiebel1 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    What I like:

    – Platform native Grid bot for spot trading (although it still lacks auto-compounding)

    What I hate:

    – margin or futures trading in germany seems region-locked … but I guess thats probably for the better, lol


  11. jzia93 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    I like that binance has (so far) weathered a crypto winter and been a great on/off ramp for people into the world of DeFi.

    I dislike Binance’s litany of shady business practices:

    – Evidence of insiders frontrunning listings and dumping on retail

    – CZ essentially market manipulating the collapse of the FTT token (not that FTX didn’t have it coming)

    – Monero withdrawals basically unreliable because binance don’t hold enough XMR to cover user deposits

    – The BSC blockchain essentially being a cesspit of low effort rugpulls and NFT garbage that has contributed significantly to the negative perception of crypto, while essentially being a worse and more centralised webserver.


    Between Binance, Kraken and Coinbase I see Binance as the most shady of the blue chip exchanges BUT I have a lot of respect for them surviving the bear so far, and I think they ultimately do have good intentions. I hope they see the failings of others and look to lead the industry in a proactive way.


  12. Long-Evidence7580 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    I love how easy it is, even for newbies, how much coins, staking, bnb is cheap for gas. What I hate isn’t specifically Binance, it’s centralized, and it’s getting better, transparent


  13. final_lionel on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    What I love is the number of cryptocurrencies and the low fees.
    What I hate are when they lower the APY of locked staking and when they disable withdrawals


  14. [deleted] on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    Used to love them when started trading seriously. When I started, UI on every exchange I could get access too was really awful (ex Kraken in 2017…)

    The Binance Card, very useful, cheap and immediate bank transfer (almost).

    The listings obv. Stacking in 2 clicks and so much services they provide.

    The fees, 0.075% if you use BNB, find me something cheaper on a CEX.

    The loans, one of my favorite features. Market is showing signs of reversal, I get loans for a few cents on my assets and the TVL is really low. You can adjust it if you feel scary

    But now, DEX become handy to use, with order books and all. but still, listings aren’t Binance one’s.

    Sorry haters but Binance is the best platform for trading cryptos for newbies either for a living (if you don’t trade Futures). How could you pay 0.30% on each trade like Coinbase, I don’t get it.. With the volume I trade, I could buy a house every year with the fees I don’t pay lol

    The only issue, a big one is centralization. And the risks that come with it.


  15. abalawadhi on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    The bloated app and UI.


  16. mn1nm on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    good: number of coins, no downtimes, passive earning methods

    bad: confusing website (except for simple spot trading), support/help, lack of real audit, CZ


  17. Electrical-Trifle369 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    Binance is no doubt the best on everything crypto, have never had problems with deposits, withdraws, cards, transfers etc.. Have been using Binance since february 2021…


  18. interloper76 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    the best trading engine, charts + indicators


  19. Suzxy on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    Love Binance P2P


  20. lempsip on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    Available altcoin support, huge number of trading pairs, low fees and good trading platform are all positives.


  21. Boborobo123 on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    It has competitive trading fees and it is the largest exchange, which implies some creditworhiness, although after FTX case you never know


  22. Striking_Soluti0n on 3. February 2024 at 12:44

    I love the rewards, the withdrawal amounts are too high