Hi, Manager, I found you locked my trading option, Please let me know Why?

I wanted to sell my BTC, but your system say I can not do simple sales. Please advise what kinds of criminals I have? Are you working for the China Communist party? Why do you depress me?


  1. Kylejsisk86 on 18. January 2024 at 5:51

    I have recently removed ALL of my crypto from this exchange. They do not provide leverage for their users, and they do not even allow the ability to short a coin. I cannot tell you how many people I know that are going on 60+ days without this exchange being able to fill their requests. This is a very bad sign, and it indicates that they do not have the reserves they say they do. Your crypto should be readily available to you as soon as you ask for it. Keep it on a hardware wallet from this point forward. This exchange is STILL holding a small amount of MY Solana which began as soon as FTX started auctioning off all of the holdings from the scandalous fall out last year. These guys have a ton of red flags and a counter-intuitive app that does not even function properly. Get out now.


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 18. January 2024 at 5:51

    Hi there, mind sending me more info via PM or chat so I can check this out on our end?