What’s the Bitstamp way of handling #custody?

Bitstamp’s Deputy CTO, Miha Miklič, talks about crypto custody and how Bitstamp  protects your assets.

Read more here: [https://blog.bitstamp.net/post/why-would-a-crypto-exchange-have-bank-grade-custody/](https://blog.bitstamp.net/post/why-would-a-crypto-exchange-have-bank-grade-custody/)


\#regulation #digitalassets

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  1. han5da on 27. May 2023 at 13:26

    Great would be a regulation where I will get my mistakenly wrong transferred coins back. They are lying on my „own“ wallet in Bitstamp and you „protect“ then so that I don’t get it although there are solutions on the market.!