Living in the US, I’ve enjoyed []( for the past few years as my crypto exchange of choice. Not only that, but BNB is also my top held coin. I’ve been beyond impressed with CZ and the team pretty much from day 1, and am really hoping that he can come through with the opening of the binance.US exchange in time before the .com is illegal. BAM Trading Services got approval from FinCEN on June 11, so I am fairly confident that the US exchange will be live before the Sept deadline.


Getting the .US exchange up before the deadline is only step #1. Around 30% of []( users are from the US, and I would guess many would gladly move to the .US exchange as long as it is open with enough time (2-3 weeks) ahead of deadline. The next question is will BNB immediately be available on the .US exchange / will it be deemed NOT a security? I believe that BNB is NOT a security. CZ has been proactive in making moves to lessen the gray area regarding this topic, with most recently announcing 100% of the teams allocated coins will be used for future coin burns. Here’s another reason why I like BNBs odds: ZRX is not considered a security, and it essentially serves the same primary utility as BNB. Anyone creating an exchange using the ZRX protocol is required to charge their trading commissions in ZRX, similarly to how BNB is used for trading fees on binance. I’ve searched the web up and down and am just patiently waiting for the .US exchange to be announced as well as BNB being one of the coins available from day 1. Unlike many comments I’ve read, I am not worried that funds left on []( will be frozen/unaccessible after Sept. No deposits or trading allowed, but withdrawing will still be possible. I am assuming some cautious traders/investors have already sold their BNB, and I’ve taken this recent dip as an opportunity to scoop up more coins. Yes, I have moved my long term BNB to a hard wallet, but even if BNB isnt available from the get go – Binance is a global platform with growing utility for BNB everyday. CZ is the #1 leader in the entire crypto space and he will not give up on the US. He is very well aware how important the US market is. Follow me on IG @buylowstayhigh for more in depth posts!

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  1. park_injured on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    great question. Everytime I tried to ask this on this sub, it got mysteriously filtered out as if I was being censored. I’m taking a screenshot of this post so it doesn’t get shadow-deleted.


    US investors like us need answers on whether BNB will be listed on the new US-Binance exchange. It’s a critical question.


  2. KillshotKenney on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    My worry about Binance US is the volume, not sure how much of a hit its gonna take


  3. Bendertheoffender69 on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    So withdrawals from any coin are possible? Let’s say I buy V Chain and hold it, once the September Binance US version is up I can just simple deposit there correct? Anyone ..


  4. guntherwheeler1185 on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    Great post


  5. beep-beep-im-a-bot on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    Ether is your safe alt bet for not a security


  6. neotorama on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    Before bull run


  7. rulesforrebels on 7. October 2019 at 0:41 will be nothing like so I wouldnt be super excited about it opening unless your looking for a coinbase/bittrex clone. Bnb also will not be listed 100%


  8. CryptoCoriolis on 7. October 2019 at 0:41

    BNB was sold as an ICO…the SEC will consider this a security along with most other Alts on Binance. Look up the “Howey test” and imagine trying to describe BNB without falling under that.


    With that in mind I would be very surprised to see a licensed US Binance entity by September. I would be surprised to see one before 2020.