Still waiting on the wire transfer. I need some sort of specific explanation as to WHY the wire process is taking so long. Switching to a different processor for wire transfers to the United States isn’t enough for me. I have a family health emergency in which I NEED this transfer to happen yesterday. Bitstamp ID: oeny4860 Wire ID: 5210172.

Any assistance with this transfer would be greatly appreciated. It this family situation didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have cashed out some of my Bitcoin.


Thank you,




  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 17. March 2023 at 23:39

    Hi [u/replacemyremote](https://www.reddit.com/user/replacemyremote), please check your support ticket where a reply from my colleague is waiting for you.


  2. replacemyremote on 17. March 2023 at 23:39

    That is a good scam. But, no thank you.