My withdrawals were disabled without any notification. I cannot even withdraw my fiat .I have to make an urgent payment and my funds are locked in.I have contacted customer service multiple times ,they were no help. I have opened tickets but hardly get an appropriate response. No one has given me an accurate answer on why my withdrawals are disabled and when I can withdraw . No timeline Provided on when to expect this situation to resolve. This has become quite a frustrating experience. Very disappointed in the quality of service.

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  1. WeatherAggravating65 on 1. July 2023 at 14:15

    Day 5 and no resolution of my problem. I chatted with customer service that connected with me via this platform and they told me a very complicated way to restore my access. It involves me spending $1000. Don’t know if this legit or scam ? I asked to speak with them but they refused. They also told me that if I don’t follow their recommendation then I cannot even withdraw my fiat? Does that make any sense? This is concerning to me that they can just hold anyones funds hostage.