New to crypto trading? Avoid these common mistakes to boost your chances of success.

1. Lack of research: Understand the market before making trades. You can rely on trusted crypto blogs and resources like CoinMarketCap.
2. No diversification: Spread investments across different currencies and platforms. You can diversify your portfolio with ease using ChangeNOW – any of the 800+ assets available on the platform can be yours in just 4 clicks and mere minutes.
3. FOMO and FUD: Don’t make impulsive trades based on fear or hype.
4. No plan: Set goals, identify entry and exit points, and have a risk management strategy.
5. No record keeping: Track your trades to understand performance and make better decisions. You can keep track of your trades by setting an account on ChangeNOW Premium Lounge.

Remember, the crypto market can be volatile, but by being mindful of these mistakes, you can improve your chances of success.

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  1. likejoanbaezux on 28. November 2023 at 20:12

    The phrase “Not your keys, not your coins” is another important factor that’s not included in the list. It’s advisable not to entrust your assets to a third party, like the exchanges. Aside from the fact that exchanges may at any time prevent you from withdrawing your money for a variety of reasons, most of them are largely unregulated and may be subject to hacks. Any beginner should just look out for reliable wallets like metamask, Sylo wallet, Zengo, Trustwallet, and many others, in my opinion