I’ve just tried to connect on my Binance account and it says that the account isn’t found. I’m sure I’ve subscribed with my phone number and I don’t understand how it is possible. Could you please let me know if someone had similar experience and if you have a contact to help me with that please?
Thank you.

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  1. AggravatingNinja2395 on 10. June 2024 at 5:33

    Same here. Open an account in July 2021.Bought $2000 of crypto.
    Check in a few times in 2021, all OK . Tried to login in the last few months and my account simply “disappeared”. Contacted support , spent about 40hours over6 différents chats while supplying all required information.
    The CS seems to loose interest in each case when they no longer able to give you a credible answer.
    No luck, my money is gone….
    Don’t use Binance for your cryptos transactions.i lost $2000, you might be next..