I’m being torn apart by greed here… I really want to get some funds onto Kucoin to some PRL before it starts to pump but I’m nervous about system stability.

Last night the system wouldn’t even generate an ETH deposit address. Now I do get an address but I’m finding a bunch of threads in the last ~10 days about ETH deposits taking hours/days to show up on Kucoin. Even a few threads about Kucoin possibly generating an ETC address instead of ETH and coins getting (temporarily) lost by being transferred to an ETC wallet.

So traders, tell me: did anyone recently (last 24-48h) fund their Kucoin account with ETH? How long did the transaction take to show up? Any issues with ETH going to the wrong wallet?


Edit: decided to let greed win and I sent 0.1 ETH from QuadrigaCX to Kucoin. Took less than 15 minutes for it to show up! Officially in on PRL. Thanks everyone!

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