Is it possible to set conditional sell and buy orders on KC futures that will trigger when the mark price reaches a certain price? From what I can tell if you attempt to do so with a limit order you just get filled at the best available price at the time. For example if price on ETH is 2550 and I want to buy if the price reaches 2600 if I put a limit buy order for 2600 I just get filled immediately.

Is it possible to set partial stop orders?
If I want to leave a position over night and sell portions of my position if we hit certain price levels can I do so?

These are fairly simple features and if they are unavailable it definitely doesn’t dissuade me from the idea that KC is preying on customers.

Please look into getting these added or if I am just missing something please clue me in on how to complete these types of orders.

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  1. InevitableStress3 on 7. April 2022 at 12:17

    i think there was like stop limit order and stop market order, well i don’t do futures anyway so i don’t know much