Hello everyone,

This morning after seeing a popup in the Binance application for the Binance Debit Card, I decided to proceed with it.

After completed the process all successfully and receiving the 5 BUSD bonus (Whatever), at the next access to the app my account was blocked from achieving any activity but Withdrawal.

As no explanation is being given to be via support chat I am now trying to post here my case hoping that any of the moderators can assist on reviewing my case or guiding me through the proper path of resolution.

I am a Binancian for several years now and as no legislation has changed in my country and my friends are all using the application with no issues the remaining factor is the binance card action that probably triggered the verification process and something must have gone wrong.

Could you please help?

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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 24. November 2022 at 18:41

    Hello, thank you for the escalation.
    Is there any chance you could provide us with the Case ID of the chat that you had with our support team so we could carefully review the situation and get back to you?


  2. Micko353 on 24. November 2022 at 18:41

    I have the same problem with Binance “Assurance Review Failed”. It happened shortly after transferring €10 via SEPA from my bank to Binance. I raised 9 support cases and got similar answers like as if they are bound by some Binance terms and conditions not to reveal the truth. The closest I got to a reason was on one particular support reply saying a 3rd party raised an issue. The only 3rd party I could think of was my bank so I checked with them to see if there was any issues from their side on my transfer. They looked into it and said there was no issues and all went as normal. They did comment saying if there was a problem it would have been delayed a few days or so but it went through on the same day. I have been with Binance for nearly 6 years with no problems so am a bit bewildered to say the least. It does give the impression that Binance have a shady side to them.