Tried to send ethereum out if binance today 2fa not sending sms tried to change password no sms git off app tried website wouldnt let me log in says to many attemps try again in 2 hours. can use all features on app except change password or withdrawl. wtf its looking more and more like they dont want me to withdraw funds very strange allmost scam like with 2fa enabling txt came somtimes within 2seconds now nothing

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  1. Bulldezor on 1. May 2018 at 12:59

    so u telling me that binance left all our wallets and decided to rob ur wallet?


  2. CryptoMTL on 1. May 2018 at 12:59

    You shouldn’t use sms. Someone likely cloned your sms chip (you aren’t receiving texts for that reason.)

    Next time use Google authenticator app.