(Excuse my french Canadian)
Like the title said I don’t know much about liquid swap but I’ve been reading about it.

I recently transferred all my coin from coinbase to binance so I could invest them since I’m holding long term.
I have locked stake most of my coin except ENJ there was only the 0.5% flexible and the liquid swap.

Obviously the liquid swap rate are way higher.

I kinda understand the impermanent loss. But if I’m holding long term and claim reward on my portion will I make enough to cover the impermanent loss?

If I’m holding long term will it be worth it?
Or should I try other strategies?

I have place ENJ in a ENJ/USDT liquidity pool for now.

Any information or strategy will appreciated.

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  1. DramaBig7472 on 3. September 2022 at 16:08

    Yes many people play it like that. But you can still maybe incur loss because you never know how market goes. For example I’m in deep red in all my pools but my rewards are growing steadily.

    You need always do you own research on every token. But token plus stablecoin are the safer combinations. If you do a bad choice tho your stablecoin part gets drained and replaced with worthless token.