Hello, today’s morning i just received the following e-mail:


**\[Binance\] Account Deactivation Notice**

Thank you for your support of Binance.

This is to inform you that your account has been flagged by a third-party compliance tool and we have taken a tough decision to terminate the service.

You may fully withdraw your funds, and we ask that you do it before 2023-01-03 00:00:00(UTC).

Afterward, your Binance account will be permanently deactivated.

If you have any issues with the withdrawal function, please notify the Binance Customer Support team as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Sincerely, Binance Team

*This is an automated message, please do not reply.* 



I already contacted the live chat but I couldn’t understand the reason I got blocked.


Edit: I only used my account to buy some coins almost 1 year ago and haven’t really used it since.

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  1. After-Bullfrog-7789 on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    I got the exact same email. I haven’t used binance.com for at least 2-3 years. But I am based in the US and signed up for normal binance back when it was allowed so I’m guessing that’s why for me.

    Support told me same thing as everyone else. That it’s true and can’t tell me why.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    Hey there, you mentioned that you have already contacted live support. Could you please provide us with your case ID so we can take a closer look? Thank you. -HM


  3. e-coder on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    Once again- get out of those bloody central exchanges unless you want your money and data to be widespread to USA Canada and the EU


  4. Dangerous-Idea-2648 on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    Everybody has lost plenty at this point. I’m just waiting until things get back to normal. Hopefully.


  5. John_Pig on 6. June 2024 at 4:58



  6. sokino12 on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    Same email. Flagged because of using third party tool. huh? Have been verified with everything for a long time. What is this? Support chat told me it is true and they cant provide any reason why?


  7. [deleted] on 6. June 2024 at 4:58



  8. CanofGuarana on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    This is scary, I made an email only for crypto which I never use, for security. So if I ever get a deadline like that I won’t see the email and I will lose my money. I guess I’ll withdraw it just in case, had some faith in Binance but it’s getting weird


  9. Distinct_Storage_425 on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    Same here, got that email a few weeks back, confirmed with Binance that it was legit but no explanation why. Fully verified and using Binance on occasion, and I’m not in the US.
    When I went to take out my assets the Withdrawal function had been blocked, so back onto support.
    By the time they got round to resolving that I couldn’t even log in to my account.
    Eventually login was restored, and the withdrawal option, and got my assets out of there last night. Have found my account deactivated this morning, so just in time too. The Convert option was also unusable so I still had some small balances that were too small to withdraw, writing them off rather than going through all that again.


  10. Dangerous-Idea-2648 on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    I’ve never used Binance either. Boy has it been a rough year.


  11. Dangerous-Idea-2648 on 6. June 2024 at 4:58

    I never used Binance before. The market has been struggling all year. I’m waiting on a comeback just like everyone else.