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  1. glcbrigz on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Didn’t bother reaching out to them. I liquidated my assets and deleted the app.


  2. bzImage on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    – Norwegian in Dublin
    – Funds are coming from another exchange. (Kraken) not from a bank..
    – Binance got a different proff of address..
    – His passport its not valid.. and he lives in another country.

    Why they close my account ?? why o why..


  3. xNeroDMCry on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Hello, same thing as been happening with other users.

    They just won’t give an explanation.


  4. MadOgh_DarKcaRnaGe on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Binance in a nutshell. Get out before you regret


  5. Ok-Celebration-1010 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    This is not the first post I’ve seen like this ! Binance have been acting strange recently.

    They froze my GBP depositing or withdrawal due to “risk control” and I can no longer deposit money into my account now completely out of the blue.


  6. sndeman on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    I’ve always wondered… In such a case, will you be able to convert your assets to BNB (or BTC/ETH/XLM/whatever) before you withdraw?

    I only have a LOT of very small values of different altcoins left on Binance and paying the (rather high) withdrawal fees for all of them would probably cost way more than the value of the assets in total.

    To be able to get the most out of it, you should be able to convert your assets to BNB (or BTC, ETH, XLM, whatever) and withdraw those. Just like you already can periodically with small value holdings to BNB.. But I’m afraid that’s all locked?


  7. dashbitrock on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Not a huge risk as long as the bulk of your funds are off exchange. I have always been happy with Binance but I only use them to cash out via P2P…. and only in small $1-3k USD amounts at a time (my lifestyle has relatively low overhead for things I like to do).


  8. savatrebein on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Tweet it to cz on twitter


  9. BNBVanHelsing on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Never use binance. The Finnish police confiscated more than $1,000,000 from me just because of a tax dispute.


  10. MDCB_1 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Very sorry to hear this. Looks like they are using ANI (Artificially None-Intelligent Chat Bots…). Way too early for DAC-8 but eventually some crypto folks may self regulate early… I think 1 & 2 are most likely cause for the Red Flags in this case… (As for #3, historically speaking, I am pretty sure there is a solid Celtic-Viking Alliance in place!!).

    Hope you got hold of your assets: These are volatile times for sure… Not sure David Chaum could have predicted this level of Greed in digital cash way back when he invented this stuff… Seems to be a pretty fast downward spiral. Forget the Wild West. Things are looking like they are heading South!!!

    Anyway, a Happier New Year to one and all!! #MayTheForkBeWithYou!!!


  11. NO_ONE_IMPORTANT_1 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Binance have not been in compliance with regulations and now their trying to straighten things out. They have been really shady for a while.


  12. Hong181314 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Transfer your assets to self custody wallets OP, then when price goes up you can send to other exchange to sell it


  13. bereshit21 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    There must be boycott campaign to binance. Me too they close account. I have using their service for 5 years. Yet they cannot give details what did I violate.



  14. Royal_Ad1226 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Move to Dubai


  15. [deleted] on 16. April 2024 at 0:30



  16. Thinpizzaisbest on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Wow – The way they communicated with you has convinced me that I WOULD NEVER deal with Binance. If there is a human at the other end of that exchange, they are totally tone deaf. That is the worst customer service response I have ever seen and you should post it on any social media you can find. It speaks volumes.

    The Red Flags are there. Stay away from Binance. People that argue that they are the largest exchange in the world, as if that increases the security, they are mucho misguided.


  17. anujsanghvi92 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Did they allow you to withdraw your assets before closing down your account? Or can you do it now?


  18. ComparisonJunior7325 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    I have never experienced any issues with Binance


  19. bernardstavo on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Cashed out ~500k to my bank account last week. Best exchange with out a doubt


  20. summonsterism on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    OMG! They asked you to read something? WTF!


  21. dice-game on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

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  22. BinanceCSHelp on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Let’s take a closer look into this situation together and we would like to assist you accordingly. Can you please share your latest conversation’s Case ID? Let us check together. ^BT


  23. littlegreenfish on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Are you using a VPN?


  24. VISUALBEAUTYPLZ on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Sed, is there a way to retrieve funds from the bep chain?


  25. After-Bullfrog-7789 on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Were you fully verified?


  26. freddyforgetti on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    I considered buying some of their token bc they’re one of few big exchanges left and it’ll probably go up with the normie exodus but this is the kind of thing I’m afraid of.


  27. iso20022_ on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    although the KYC story already sounds not like as if you read the conditions properly, it is definitely not the reason why you got banned.

    also you don’t get banned for sending money from exchange to exchange.


  28. Aotrx on 16. April 2024 at 0:30

    Don’t worry too much. You can use another exchange. BEP20 network (bnb) network is not that great easier. I suggest you try the Solana network and self custody your assets.