Travelling from Europe to USA or other countries across the globe with Binance / recently I found plenty of people having an issues by getting accounts blocked or frozen just because they connect with IP from another country. It makes me to think that if I go for vacation to another continent I should not touch Binance app lol 😂 I am sorry for my ignorance but I don’t know what to think after all those reports and screenshots over the internet. I had strong trust in Binance until today. I would be really mad and angry if I am travelling somewhere for example in USA and want to pay whatever with my Binance Visa card and figure out it is not working, open Binance app and it says something like “your account is rekt” but there are for example 4-8k$ 😄 I love to use Binance and still believe in it and hope for better experiences of users. Honestly I am worried now and don’t know what to think and expect. If this negative trend continues it is not going to end well. If I can’t use my Binance app and Binance Visa in another countries I am going to search for alternatives. Actually I have already moved to DEX and most of my assets are in cold storage and some in hot… but anyway those issues with Binance are quite disappointing and I hope things will get better soon.

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  1. Buggy3D on 27. March 2024 at 22:47

    I have travelled to several countries while using Binance and never ran into an issue.

    The only time I had a problem was when I turned on my VPN, which connected to Ontario, Canada.

    Since Ontario was one of those places on Binance’s banned list of areas, I was not able to open any trades.

    Disabling the VPN instantly resolved the issue and I could keep trading normally. My account never got banned.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 27. March 2024 at 22:47

    Hi there, []( and []( are separate platforms from each other. In US, you can’t use features because of the regulations and conditions. After your vacation ends you can still use your []( account. Binance Card can be used anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted. If you had or have any questions you know where to reach us 24/7. []( our team will assist you with all of your inquiries.


  3. Firm-Technician-2984 on 27. March 2024 at 22:47

    U can get a vpn , issue fixed


  4. Lucky_Letter_2730 on 27. March 2024 at 22:47

    Happened to me when i had my VPN accidentally from USA i was getting restrictions…

    Once i changed that to EU everything works perfectly as always with Binance