I had to cancel my Binance card due to several phishing attempts (none of them worked – I had no funds then).

Now, support team answers me that no card can be issued after cancellation.

Has anybody had a similar experience? Do you know any way I could use my BNB card again? I miss those BNBs as cashback… 🙁

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  1. Red_n_Rusty on 20. December 2023 at 0:38

    I’m experiencing pretty much the same situation. After cancellation of the first card I’ve contacted CS every couple of months or so for the last couple of years now. CS pretty much always says that it can’t be done yet, contact us again in a couple of months to see if anything has changed. I’ve pretty much given up now and moved on to using other crypto cards.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 20. December 2023 at 0:38

    Hello there!
    Please, kindly share with us the Case ID of the opened chat with our team, so we could check the issue from our side and understand, what has happened.