Take everything you read in crypto communication channels with a grain of salt.

Binance rose to #1 very fast. This created a lot of haters and competitors who want a piece of Binance’s market share. There’s billions of $ incentive for these people to fabricate stories, blow issues out of proportion, spread fear, and campaign against Binance.

Of course, there is also a subset of people who have legit issues. But you don’t hear from the other side as often, the people who have no complaints using Binance.

I was one of the first people to trade on Binance after the BNB ico. Thousands of trades/deposits/withdrawals, and I’ve never had to talk to support about anything.

I’ve been impressed with their service and work ethic so far. Keep up the good work Binance. I’m looking forward to that dust sweep feature and maybe margin trading as well.

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