Hey everyone!

We are happy to officially anounce that we joined the Binance Labs Incubation Program recently: [https://twitter.com/WeAreTellor/status/1126540881534779393](https://twitter.com/WeAreTellor/status/1126540881534779393)

In our last medium post we shared some of our thoughts about the experience so far: [https://medium.com/@tellor/tellor-and-binance-696352c7fc1f](https://medium.com/@tellor/tellor-and-binance-696352c7fc1f)


Lastly, we got a lot of questions about the incubation program lately about what exactly we’ve been doing, what unique value it offers and whether it’s worth it in general. If have such questions and would like to learn more about our experience then feel free to have a chat with us in our Telegram channel: [https://t.me/tellor](https://t.me/tellor)

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