Hello nice people!

I want to say in advance, that this is not a post to show my hate, negativism, or skepticism, this is just me wanting to educate myself on the topic. :)It is about the fact that Binance enabled its customers to proceed with instant payments while purchasing pharmacy products online in Ukraine. This is the link to the news:


But is this really helping them, I mean can’t they proceed with online payments anyway? And how many people use this kind of payment method, aren’t people who use it, already out of Ukraine?

Do you know some “real” statistics? ( I realize I am asking the question in the Binance subreddit, but still, any answers would be helpful)

Considering the fact, that people in Ukraine can do IBAN transfers (just talked to them), how does this really help?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. DramaBig7472 on 31. March 2024 at 23:20

    Well im in Ukraine and i can’t deposit hryvnas to binance so it’s kinda useless. Obviously there are three options but every attempt gets blocked and transaction fails.