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  1. juastin on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    I recently had my account terminated, because I accidentally sent in my American drivers license as proof of identity. I currently live in Belgium with a German citizenship. Support told me I cannot use their service anymore, even if I make a new account because that is now in their system. No one was able to fix it manually. I made a simple mistake, because I was in a hurry.

    Is there any way where I can get my account back. I have proof for everything to state that I live within the EU. I thought it did not matter what form of ID you sent in, because it is just to prove who you are. Being a dual citizen and making such a small mistake completely banned me from Binance. I cannot event use Binance US at all because I don’t have any address there. I’m cut off from everything.

    So now I am resorting to this reddit thread to hopefully get some extra support.


  2. dtulas on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    My account is at risk warning and withdrawals are restricted. I am being transferred to a specialist, but the specialist is not connected for days.
    Case ID #88466545


  3. [deleted] on 9. May 2022 at 12:41



  4. DevilLeech on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Case ID #301674712
    Cant buy any crypto always end up with the same message asking to [activate Fiat service and the activation of Paysafe failed](
    How do I overcome this?


  5. alexuriellag on 9. May 2022 at 12:41


    I have registered my Binance account with my Canadian address as I live there most of the time but ended up moving to Europe in Nov 2021, being also a French citizen, and I have always used my European / French bank account (N26) linked to my french address, for all of my Binance transactions and registration

    Despite having, therefore, a french address and bank account, I’m not able to use SEPA for some reason (“these features are not available in your location”), and when I try to use the credit card method, with either my french CC or even Canadian CC, it says :”Card in this country is currently not supported.”

    Please help, I’m just trying to withdraw my fiat :/

    Thanks a lot in advance !


  6. Marvturner on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    As iterated in the complaint Case ID 88316473 forehand , trading and asset withdrawals have been disabled on my account since last month for no specific reason after I received cryptos from a friend .
    I have been getting in touch with customer support but still futile .

    Any chance you could escalate this case ?


  7. Big-Count-2784 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Hey guys, I’ve been receiving emails that my acc will be restricted because I’m not verified but, I am! When I click on verify now the next screen shows my acc and next to in is says in green Verified. But the emails and notifications keep on pouring what`’s up with that and will my acc be restricted?



  8. gtempo100 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Case ID #88733821

    My case is similar to some cases reported here.

    I transferred 10,000 Australian dollars (AUD) to Binance.

    2022-04-26 12:21:23 – I traded 1,386 AUD into USDT.

    2022-04-27 12:57:11 – I traded BTC using the trade desktop interface. I left 9,000 AUD in my fiat wallet.

    2022-05-05 – I went back to check the trade and I found all the money gone. The BTC had been withdrawn and the AUD had been converted and then withdrawn as follows:

    2022-04-30 15:09 – 0.15742904 withdrawn to bc1q807qr0djjsa8ewspkrem6aqst5587z2cqlr6px (transaction ID 973a935e3fe18a222f12706d2aa7127340d3a415af6f1d515041bba9595d75c2).

    2022-04-30 15:30 – 0.02574 withdrawn to bc1q807qr0djjsa8ewspkrem6aqst5587z2cqlr6px (transaction ID 86c03c7fd80ea2d43dd3348fb5a9d73c8e571b6120ba77e90045c22c6d317c3b).

    This account is protected by 2 factor authentication. I use Google Authenticator with biometrics enabled. The only way to get that code is with my fingerprint. I did not authorise the withdrawals.

    Binance claims that a hacker compromised computer AND my phone, bypassed the fingerprint lock, get the email code to authorise the payment, AND cleaned up the trail by deleting all the authorisation emails. That’s a clever hacker! He/she would have to be to get all that access. But not clever enough to go after the money I have in other 20 accounts.


  9. Alternative-Top5361 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Hi, I recently sent some ETH from my Binance account to my Metamask wallet. Here is the transaction hash: 0xe23f9b2e713e28341ddbabe5b5def6f356cfe9bc4a5354c59ea8139fc661065a

    I wanted to sent my ETH back to my binance account but by mistake sent it to the Binance Hot Wallet. I used the same address as I received from, to send it back. Here is the transactions hash: 0xe5f0ee3736089899ece3025d6c81d33c1d57dbfbf27771af776bb77bad951216

    I have an active Case ID: #88827873
    Please help me with this case, as I just wanted to send my ETH to my binance account and by mistake sent it to your hot wallet. I hope you can help me with this matter.


  10. imdunno on 9. May 2022 at 12:41


    Our case id is 87801750.

    Our account has been fully verified and been working for quite a long time without any issues and recently trading has been stopped on our account and we can’t withdraw any funds, getting an error: “Your account may be at risk. Please contact Customer Support for further assistance.”

    Binance refuses to answer what kind of violations were triggered in their terms of use, We cannot get an answer from them for over three weeks now, “investigation” is still under process.

    The withdrawal has been blocked!

    API trading has been blocked.

    Although we have completed full KYC process.

    This is not how customers should be treated.

    Can you get back to us please and resolve this issue ASAP?

    Thank you.


  11. Own-Distribution294 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Is Binance down for everyone?


  12. OneThatNoseOne on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    I’ve heard stuff with people saying like their account withdrawal is locked and what not.

    All I want to do create a new account and use binance as an onboard to buy crypto using card and withdraw to wallet. Apart from relatively high withdrawal fees, are there any common issues with doing this? Is there a wait/lockup period?


  13. Nicecastlee on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Case ID #88586421

    Hi guys,

    My withdrawals are disabled and my appeal for withdrawal doesn’t meet the requirements

    Is there anyone that have the same issue?

    Is there someone from the Binance support?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  14. GoncaloRCastro on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    For my Binance card to have Level 1, 2, 3,… do I need to have the BNB in my general Binance account or does it have to be on my card balance?


  15. gibbii74 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    What are the pros of using binance over other apps such as nexo (just looking for advice)


  16. [deleted] on 9. May 2022 at 12:41



  17. [deleted] on 9. May 2022 at 12:41



  18. IOTAHODLER_420 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Dear Reddit Binance Team,
    I have a Problem with my withdrawals.
    I wanted to withdraw some USDC from Binance, but the email verification code that I need for that does not reach my mailbox. (Phone works fine every time) I Tried it in many attempts during the last two days, but no email arrives in my mailbox, neither in my spam mails. I don’t know what to do now.

    The automatic support Center on the web also does not know the answer.
    Help would be very appreciated.



  19. Loudlaryadjust on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    I sent Ether from my binance account to my trust wallet 12 days ago, I still didn’t receive my Ether, is that normal ?


  20. CuriousiZ01 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Good day,

    I mistakenly sent weth to my binance account via ETH network from a metamask account.
    My binance wallet has recieved and I can view in my spot wallet when I go to withdraw, however I am unable to do anything else with it

    What options do I have? Ideally I would like to unwrap on binance yet cant see how too, additionally at the moment I cannot withdraw due to ETH withdrawels being suspended


  21. bigcrunchcombo1 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Hi there,

    I broke my phone yesterday and i am unable to get a qr code to transfer my google authenticator. When i go into the help area on the binance app and click reset google authenticator, i then get asked to login which i do. Then it takes me to a page where i have to put in the email verification number and below that it ask for the google authenticator number which i cant get. Theres a link below that that says “security varification unavaible” i click that and then it just takes me through the whole process again. How am i able to reset this and link my new google authenticator to Binance so im able to access my account again?



  22. bigcrunchcombo1 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Thanks for that. Case ID #88723296


  23. Flat_Commercial_711 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Hi i got like 2 month trying to solve this, mi acc is freezed due a “risk control” im contact support, this is my id 85003178, im sending all they told me but cant solve this. I only handle small amounts in my account so need to solve this, any help will be apreciated. Thanks you


  24. fogspam on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Case ID: 88652169
    Hi, I have a Binance accout almost from the begining of Binance project and I never had a problem with you services. But now I can`t withdrwal my fund and I just lost a valuable NFT cuz of that. When I try to withdrawal i get this ‘withdrawal suspended due to risk control’ . I dont understand what is happending and I didnt received any answer from you. This is not good. I need to withdraw my funds. I already lost money cuz that. Please tell me what is happening. You are holding my 50k USDT and I cant use that money. This is not ok. I can see other people with same problem and they said they are waiting for months to solve this. Please do something and let me use my money.


  25. menage_a_un on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    I had an open case to return LUNA(wormhole) that I sent accidentally. I was refunded UST instead of LUNA.

    I do not have a case ID but I have an application ID 5LSbjZKDGM7Zr9TG2hjy


  26. SpecificGarlic2685 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    When enabling Auto-Staking on my locked staking- will the staking reward also be staked next round or is it transferred to my wallet?


  27. teejbee604 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    I’m an early binance user and I’d like to get my BNB converted to btc and have it in my wallet… What are the best options without going through verification?
    I just want to withdraw the BNB to somewhere I can convert to btc and then send to my wallet… Any recommendations?


  28. W16_emperor on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Hello, I`m not receiving mobile confirmation code, cannot login


  29. Duynvn2508 on 9. May 2022 at 12:41

    Mates, what do you hold rn? I rly need smth worthy for NFT creators. Is there anything like the UNSEA? Got carried away with their offers � NFT stacking up to 400% APR and 10% guaranteed royalty. Cool, isn’t it?