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  1. fehu_berkano on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    So what do we do when Binance.US ignores us and leaves tickets open indefinitely? Check the Binance.US subreddit. People have had tickets open for a year and still nothing. I have been locked out since March, and now they want me to verify my identity a second time.

    Since your California office isn’t willing to help its customers, where can users who have had their accounts frozen go to get support?

    Whoever is at the top needs to do something about the outright apathy at your US branch. You can’t take people’s coins hostage until you feel like giving it back and make us fight for our own money.


  2. Shankzypoo on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    CASE ID/TICKET #2418711

    I sent ETH from Optimism blockchain on my MetaMask to my []( ETH ERC20 address by mistake. I didn’t know I needed to use Optimism’s bridge to put the ETH back on the mainnet before transferring. Is there any way to recover this ETH?


  3. Crashkeys999 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19


    Application IDs:

    It’s been more than 3 months since I sent close to 40k USDC to Binance via the Fantom network by mistake as USDC is not supported, and opened tickets on February 24. When will the retrieval process end? One week ago, I saw that my USDC has been moved from the Binance deposit address to another address, and since then nothing. Was this transfer part of the recovery process? Why couldn’t the funds be moved directly to the wallet I provided when making those tickets a few months prior?
    I have seen stories of people being in a similar situation, who got their funds back in a month’s time or two at most. Sorry if this is considered pestering but the lack of feedback and automated support responses only serve to increase the anxiety. Binance should really strive to improve their customer service.

    Thanks for reading me for the thousandth time and I hope for a swift resolution.


  4. toaster_whisperer on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    I was doing p2p(buying usdt for wise usd) with a merchant who has a very high rating. He sent me a wise email to send the dollars too, and I was in another trade on binance at the same time and I got things mixed up and sent 88 usdt to the binance merchant via binance pay to the email he provided me(for wise). I contacted him later to return it, at first he said he didn’t get it, then he said that it was sent to another guy who he barely knows(but he was using his email to receive cash on transferwise payments so it’s most likely a lie). He gave me his number(or maybe it was his own). Now it’s been 3 weeks and the guy keeps bouncing me back and forth, making excuses about why he can’t send right now and has also stopped responding to my texts. I have all the evidence and chats documented on my end. Can Binance support intervene here? He is a high ranking merchant with around 1k trades over the last 30 days.


  5. Longjumping_Chest_97 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    Hello i have a new phone number and i cant access to my Account because my old number is dead. May you help me?


  6. pokekenn on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    Bought BUSD through bank transfer (SWIFT), deposited
    300 USD but only 275 USD showed up. On the platform
    there were no visible transaction fees taken, and a full
    300 USD has been deducted from the bank. Where did
    the 25 USD go? There’s no way they took that with
    hidden transaction fees….. right?


  7. orcastrophe on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    I held a tiny bit of OG LUNA that is now LUNAC but now I have a small amount of LUNA 2.0 in my wallet. Why is this? I never bought the new LUNA.


  8. FlorenceandMachine1 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    My login has expired and the login button on the app is not responding ??


  9. Frequent_Push_4670 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    Application ID


    I deposited 2 days ago some USDC on sol network on binance couple of minutes before you blocked sol network deposits and withdrawals.

    On solscan it says it is success but when binance unblocked deposits today, I hoped that it will go trough but instead I never recieved my USDC, even tho on solscan it says it is successfull transaction. What can I do? Is it lost? Will it arrive? When?

    If someone have some advice to share would really much appreciate.


  10. Mysterious_Humor_446 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    CASE ID #90400653

    Waiting for withdrawal to process for 16 days. Withdrawal is still processing


  11. ElDueno on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    Have a few hundred bucks in my Binance account (XRP) that I want to transfer to another wallet but it’s saying my account is locked until I verify my identity. My problem is I created the account when I was in Mexico but all my identification is for the US. If I verify with my US documents with that affect my ability to withdraw? This is the .com not .us site that I have an account with


  12. Dry-Investigator-542 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    Good evening Binance, I was going to enter my account and it tells me that my google authenticator code is incorrect, I try to recover it, but it sends me to verification and tells me that the verification is invalid, that is, it does not recognize it. Please I need help as I have money there.


  13. pikonasso on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    Dear sir or madam.
    I have moved from my previous house and now my ID has a different adreess than the one I live in now. Because of that I can not validate my account, so I can’t make any movements in it. What can I do to solve this problem?
    Thank you


  14. Dronealicious on 5. June 2022 at 13:19

    CASE ID: 89237052

    My friend sent me around 50,000$ in terra a few months ago. I sold this terra for USDT, my account was instantly locked for verify source of wealth. I have been submitting the proof/info they have been asking for. It is 4 months later and they are still rejecting my submissions with the same Automated response providing no reason as to why my submissions are rejected. I don’t understand why i am being locked when my friend is simply just sending me money. And ontop of this why is my account being suspended for this?i have a fully verified account and been using this account for years for multiple deposits from my personal bank as well as a number of other uses.

    Please help me


  15. Panu2710 on 5. June 2022 at 13:19