So if you have a crytpo wallet go down below $10, is it lost money?

Can anyone explain, or is this just another hidden fee?

It appears to be just like a penny stock that goes down so low, the value is less than the commission to sell it..

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  1. dotafox2009 on 9. January 2020 at 2:22

    ??? Are you talking about some currencies. They have a minimum sell order of $10 or 10 of X coins. If you’re talking about net worth, $1-9 is worth something you can always withdraw that amount to another wallet. But yea ill-liquid coins they won’t let you exchange it if you don’t have either 10 of that coin or $10 worth of that coin. You can always use the “dust” feature to sell off those extra odd/ends coins for USDT or BTC i believe.