Popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance makes Tiktok star, Khabane lame a global brand ambassador for Binance exchange, to help dissolve misconceptions surrounding the Web3 space and crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

Khabane lame, also known popularly as Khaby lame joined with Binance blockchain will be using his signature comical content of life hacks, which has gained billions of views and millions of followers to squash delusions and create more awareness of the Web3 space. Similarly, numerous crypto platforms have provided awareness of the Web3 space through developing platforms to attract user engagement, Elite token for one has created an exclusive Metaverse where celebrities can create and sell their NFT arts and collections and Solana blockchain has created a Web3 smartphone, all of which further evolves the space and pushes for a smarter on-chain future.

According to Cointelegraph, the popular TikTok star will be launching non-fungible tokens collections on the Binance blockchain, aiming to also rally engagement from fans.

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