Bitcoin all-time high in 2025? BTC price idea reveals ‘bull run launch’

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  1. Prudent90Damage on 24. September 2023 at 18:16

    It’s exciting to think about the possibility of Bitcoin reaching an all-time high in 2025, it’s essential to approach such forecasts with caution.


  2. rodzm14 on 24. September 2023 at 18:16

    Look up Second Scare by Ben Cowen on YouTube. Its coming. Be reading with some powder


  3. iamjide91 on 24. September 2023 at 18:16

    I don’t really know how you came up with that. Some other analysis says this bear market has been the longest ever. But honestly, I don’t really care about time. Whenever BTC goes up, you can bet the whole market will follow. I’m keeping an eye on SOL, MATIC, DIA, LINK, and a bunch of others. Let’s see how it all plays out!


  4. damianivan on 24. September 2023 at 18:16

    The 4-year time cycle Theory is where most persons anchor their beliefs, but may not turn out to be that. Though I hold BTC, I also look out for projects with solid fundamentals building in the bear market like Matic, Reef and Ride that have taken the lead in the VR in-car entertainment space.