🎉 We’re almost there—just 100 blocks until the Bitcoin Halving!

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  1. StrictDrama on 24. April 2024 at 4:44

    this is what we all been waiting for hopefully we see good news after this.


  2. klausofjava on 24. April 2024 at 4:44

    Yeah finally, my back hurts from all the losses incurred in the past month


  3. Prudent90Damage on 24. April 2024 at 4:44

    After halving, bullish market will appear. not gonna miss this! best to keep an eye on the market


  4. First-Structure-2407 on 24. April 2024 at 4:44

    They always said there would be Lambos


  5. Schmiegefp on 24. April 2024 at 4:44

    I’m DCAing BONUS in anticipation for the bull market.