People keeping asking why am I buying more CRO and less BNB. It’s simply math, CRO is at 6 cents, BNB is at $250. For one BNB coin, I can get 4,262 cro. If CRO hits its ATH, I make 4,000. If BNB its ATH, I make 400. It’s that simple.

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  1. Sjcm83 on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    Simple math??? How much BNB down? From last ATH? How much CRO??? Simple math. I stopped buy shitty coins. Only BTC, BNB. Enough APE, MATIC, ETH, SOL, and others more. Non hold stable coin, just few in liquidity with others coins.


  2. Linzirui on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    Maybe why people don’t ask why you choose to continue to hold for the long term in a bear market


  3. AdvanceU2 on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    CRO = Shitcoin.


  4. [deleted] on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    Good risk reward but cdc really sucks ass. Clunky app, terrible fees, poor customer service, reward slashing and the liquidity on exchange is horrendous.


  5. vaznaxt on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    CRO have more room to grow than BNB and it’s more trusted than BNB

    I would prefer CRO


  6. robeewankenobee on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    Even at 0.4 Cro price, you will have more upside than buying now the same amount of BnB and hitting 650 bucks ath … you buy 4 BNB for 1000 bucks now, and 17450 CRO for 1000 bucks … Assuming the 0.89 Cro ath was a pump&dump price , we can take 0.4 as a reference price for CRO ath, so 17450×0.4 = 6980 bucks from 1k so 5980 buck’s upside

    Same on BNB 4 x 650 bucks = 1800 bucks , only 800 $ upside compared to almost 6k.

    The problem is , despite what you might imagine, the reason why BNB holds so well at price compared to CRO is the market domination … did you check Volume/24 h ? BNB has x28 bigger volume trade than CRO … So it’s just that BNB didn’t drop as hard as everything else. If it was down 80% , you could buy it under the 100 buck mark. Then, suddenly the ratio is quite similar for the 1000 bucks investment.


  7. [deleted] on 27. May 2024 at 4:24

    Once the SEC is finished with XRP they will go after all the shitty exchange tokens like BNB and CRO