– BTC up, bots sell alts on BTC pair

– BTC down, bots buy alts on BTC pair


These movements happen every single time to keep the price of alts at the same USD level….but,


– BTC down quickly, bots sell alts on BTC pair. There is a panic sell, because price of BTC in USD is going down and the liquidity in alts is very low.



1.Alts should have ONLY USDT pairing (or other stable coin) -> more liquidity on the order book.

1.1 There is no point to use several pairing with very low volume.

1.2 It doesn’t make sense pairing of alts with assets with high volatility like BTC/ETH/XRP. You don’t see on Stock market the pairing Facebook/Apple!


2. It should allow bots only on liquid assets (BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, etc).


**I am not saying that this would solve completely, but it would at least reduce alts dependence of BTC movement.**


**Some traders have noticed that several alts NOT listed on Binance have their own personality, ie, they don’t follow the BTC movement every single time! So, It seems this is a problem with bots on Binance.**


**Make a test with few alts to see if they keep this behavior or not. Alts with highest trading volume on USDT pair, because if the highest trading volume is BTC pair would keep the same behavior.**

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  1. Sledgemoto on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    I could be long FB and short AAPL. No need for a pairing.


  2. DJ_Hummus on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    You do realize people can create situations like this also, don’t assume it’s bots


  3. [deleted] on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    If you’re so sure that this is actually happening then you should be able to make money off of it. Bots are important for many traders/market makers.


  4. czy87553 on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    improvise adapt overcome


  5. DivineLawnmower on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    You want them to lose millions in fees because you picked the wrong things to invest in?


  6. The_Rare_One on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    BOTS lmao bro if you only knew how many orders i put and cancel to try to manipulate price action everyday lol im a BOT too




  7. The_Rare_One on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    im a bot in southern california on pacific time zone whats your bot time zone


  8. The_Rare_One on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    1bot = 1 bot


  9. GaRGa77 on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    Hahahahahahah lmfao….. another shitcoiner making up excuses 🙂


  10. BudaHodl on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    Bots are programmed analysis, sounds to me like we can out think them…uh just got to figure it out.


  11. T1Pimp on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    Alts could just gain enough/now volume. I mean… USD is manipulated. So will *any* currency. Even alts; they’re just vulnerable to massive fucking with. If you don’t like that then either take a huge risk or put your money into BTC.


  12. Raunz on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    Their not worth anything, who cares


  13. LifeReboot___ on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    Seems like you don’t get that this is a free market, if you think you’ve figured out how 90% of the bot act then buy before the bot, sell before the bot to make profit.

    Making this post just show how salty you are.


  14. mickyd4522 on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    I played the trading game and found it to be just that. At the end of the day I either lost money or owed 30% of my profits to the government for each trade that made any kind of profit……..as well as the miners and exchanges profiting from my efforts. As I see it, BTC is doin another ‘halving’ May of 2020. If things go as the last ‘halving’ in 2016 the run up before and after the next event should be a very handsome gain for those holding BTC. I was told by my tax preparer, who is a crypto specialist, if I don’t make any trades for an entire tax year the next year I can take up to $38,900.00 profit and owe no taxes (USA). So, why wouldn’t I then put that in a cash account and wait for a big alt coin dip if not currently available? This trading like a mad man is addictive, just like a casino, where most of us waist our time and effort to enrich others. I choose to play long……in it to win it. This is not advice only my personal strategy.


  15. useemrlymad on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    1. i dont wanna trade alts vs stables. USDT is the biggest scam in crypto
    2. crypto is freedom.

    just get your own bot, and figure out how to participate in the show


  16. Supreme_dirky on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    It’s all a scam anyways lol. Whales and bots control and have full manipulation of the market. We are all just pawns.


  17. 88Fangtastic on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    Totally agree. People simply dont look outside the box. 90% is bot traded. Too many things wrong in the wild west of crypto.


  18. 1080ti_Kingpin on 25. September 2019 at 0:27

    The best thing you can do is to stop ising Binance, or learn how to manipulate bots. Its not much more than “If & then” commands