I bought these producta that supposed to go up 3x, now PEPEUP was introduced at 10 euro I see just a year ago. I bought it for 0,10 this year which was already weirdly low. Now in March PEPE reached an ATH and the product PEPEUP went from 0,10 to 0,70…. a fine 7x profit I’d think. I kept it. Then now PEPE grew even harder, it’s well over the old ATH, so I take a look to see if I can take profits. And there is 0…. it crashed 0,70 back to 0,10, DESPITE the new ATH’s. And if you’re in for a year despite the ATH you dropped 10 to 0,1. BTC the same thing. I understand with going up and down it looses some in between, both on L side as on S but…. is there an extreme amount of fees or what?

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