Accept KCS from your customers!

With CoinPayments, the first and largest payment processor, KCS is now available at over 2.4 million merchants across 182 countries!

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  1. CharcolMania on 2. June 2019 at 23:05

    well done – sort of.

    It would be odd to have KCS used as a form of exchange. it wasn’t designed for it. But if people trade with it off the exchange then it’s value should increase.

    The problem with having KCS stored off the exchange is that it doesn’t attract a dividend unless it’s held on the exchange.

    If the Kucoin team wants KCS to be used off-exchange then maybe it’s better to destroy KCS based on exchange turnover rather than deliver it as a dividend? So, instead of collecting trading fees and then buying KCS to distribute, they collect fees and use oit to buy KCS and destroy them?