My coins were stolen in January . ($700 USD)

There was a transaction from a San Francisco IP address and all my coins were sold and transferred to another account.

I had 2FA enabled.

When I started a ticket with Binance I explained that my coins were now gone and I never received email notifications.

The only thing it led to was Binance telling me they should check with GMAIL that I’m receiving my emails.

I’m wondering with this big breach if anyone knows of anyway to help me.

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  1. symbiotic_bnb on 9. July 2019 at 23:01

    This breach has nothing to do with your case. Your case is a standard one in which an account is compromised and funds are stolen, and we have a process for dealing with this.

    Since your e-mail account was 100% compromised for this attack, it’s likely that the attacker changed your e-mail settings to forward Binance-related e-mails to his own address. You need to confirm the security of your e-mail account and undo any settings changed by the attacker.

    If you cannot figure out the issues with that e-mail account, contact us from a new e-mail and we will verify your identity and assist accordingly.


  2. perogies on 9. July 2019 at 23:01

    Did you have trading/withdrawals enabled on an API key by any chance?