Can anyone here help. I am trying to buy usdt with aud on binance, I can only purchase small amounts but I want to buy 5k usdt and it won’t allow me. Help!

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  1. gncgk on 25. September 2023 at 16:56

    How do you transfer your Fiat money into your Binance account? Do you deposit Fiat with your credit card? Do you try to buy crypto directly with your credit card? Or do you deposit Fiat money via wire transfer from your bank account into your Fiat Binance account? In case of option 1 and 2 I guess there are limits either on your credit card’s end or limits on Binance’s end. In case of option 3 there’s a problem with your bank office. Basically option 3 always should work properly (if your bank doesn’t restrict you anyway in transferring money into centralized crypto exchanges.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 25. September 2023 at 16:56

    Hey there.
    Please, allow us to check the error that you received. We kindly ask you to open a live chat at []( and provide with a screenshot, so our team could help you to investigate it and provide further steps.


  3. Firm-Technician-2984 on 25. September 2023 at 16:56

    Try p2p should be cheaper