I deposited around 500$ BUSD to my usual address on kucoin (i usually deposit busd like once oer 2-3 day) before i see there’s delisting announcement 2hours before and my BUSD did not appear (they still have the busd token availabke on trading spots and allowed withdrawal until 8 December 2023) , i tried to contact customer service, and they are giving solutions they are very limiting with high fees which is 80$. and what’s limited was KUCOIN can only refund it to sending address, which was not approved by the sender. Im at loss how to solve this.. I tried to ask them to just add it to my balance or refund to another address since the sending address does not approve it. Im very upset and unsatisfied now and start to think that 500$ will be gone. Just hoping someone here mod / maybe Johnny will help even he never sees online replying here again.

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  1. Connect-Ad-1088 on 3. October 2023 at 18:26

    It’s gone Johnson sorry


  2. flyingarrowz on 3. October 2023 at 18:26

    I understand that but I’m at loss and looking for any other way, really appreciate if the support team can give alternate solution other that refund to ONLY sender address as the sender does not approve it πŸ™ really appreciate the reply tho.